Architecting London’s Premier HealthTech at Home Provider: Part I

Narcis M. PAP
2 min readMay 27, 2021


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Our lives have been undoubtedly turned upside down in the past year. Between terrifying outbreaks around the world, harsh lockdowns and all-around chaos, we’ve almost forgotten how life was before the virus came centre-stage.

One thing that has kept flourishing during the pandemic, however, is the human spirit to innovate at all cost. Building a HealthTech startup in the middle of a global health crisis might seem like a tall order, yet Covid Home Test, CHT, has done just that.

CHT evolved from a need to simplify Covid testing directly at home. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of tests, all ready to be purchased online, with a dedicated delivery driver coming over to your house within hours to pick up the sample.

After the sample is collected, it is quickly sent to a world-class lab testing facility, delivering your results in less than a day, or in even as little as three hours, by email. All of this is managed by a sophisticated set of digital tools with a modern Micro Service design.

We take care of all the complex requirements involved with international travel, from bespoke arrival test packages (Green and Amber countries) to Fit-to-Fly certificates required to enter new destinations.

Today, a bit over six months since launch, CHT is one of London’s premier private Covid test providers. The technology required to achieve success at such a scale is what sets CHT apart from other providers.

We’ve invested heavily in best-in-class secure eCommerce experience, fast deliveries and accurate testing, all delivered to you straight at home.

Results speak for themselves: we’ve helped over 15,000 customers with an Excellent rating on TrustPilot.

Photo by Zan on Unsplash

Our technical journey, however, has just started. In the next posts within this series, we will be breaking down the technology which makes CHT unique. We will talk about the approach we are taking to reach even more people while designing a safe, modern HealthTech business in a fast-evolving space

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