How to “Make” It in a Polyglot Engineering Environment | Software Architecture Series, Part VI

Photo by James Harrison on Unsplash

The Challenge

Switching context, from one project to another, is a natural responsibility of a Software Architect. Your job is to not only plan but also maintain all the individual pieces that make up the entire software stack.

The Solution

Makefiles represent the ultimate engineering cheatsheet. In one file at the root of your repo, literary called “Makefile”, you can define any number of commands.

# 1. Check syntax & run a static analyser on our code to spot bugs
make lint
# 2. Check and enforce objective code quality (PEP8, gofmt)
make fmt
# 3. Run the test suite and report results
make test
# 4. Run test coverage to understand the reach of our test suite
make coverage
# 5. Rebuild docker images
make rebuild

Learn by example

In engineering, often the best way to master a new tool is by diving straight down to the code. Let’s take a very simple Makefile, built for one of our many little code challenges at CHT over at labx.



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